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Images, Images and More Images!

22 April 2010

Thanks for Forest Starr for the heads up on these resources.

1)    From Hawaii Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) via SmugMug:

High-resolution scans of slides from Betsy H. Gagne’s “Ecosystems”
notebook are now available, including historical images of Hawaiian ecosystems and conservation activities as early as the 1970s.

These ecosystem images join existing Betsy Gagne galleries on Bogs and Miconia.

Philip Thomas from HEAR provides access to these wonderful collections!

2)    The University of Hawaii Virtual Museum has posted a number of wonderful photo sets on flickr.

Some of my favorite sets include:

the UH Manoa Campus Plants tour –

scans of the plates from Isabella Sinclair’s Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands –

and, the plants photos from the Charles H. Lamoureux Natural History Collection –

Thanks to Michael Thomas for these Web pages!

While there is much more to explore on both of these sites, I also want to point out that there are many, many wonderful photos of plants and animals in Hawaii available from the Forest Starr and Kim Starr Web site at:


Cook Expedition Images in ARTstor

20 April 2010

UH Manoa Library has licensed access to ARTstor, a nonprofit digital library of more than one million images covering a broad range of disciplines. ARTstor also provides a suite of software tools to view, present, and manage these images. Recently, ARTstor announced a significant addition to the collection from the Captian James Cook South Pacific expeditions. These images may be useful to you for in your research or teaching.

In collaboration with the Natural History Museum, London, ARTstor now provides access to digital versions of 1,647 botanical and zoological illustrations from Captain James Cook’s expeditions to the South Pacific from 1768 – 1779. The collection includes images of plant and animal specimens collected by naturalists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander during Cook’s first expedition aboard the HMS Endeavour (1768 – 1771) and images by artists Johann Georg Adam Forster and William Wade Ellis associated with Cook’s second (1772 – 1775) and third (1776 – 1779) voyages.

To browse these images, go to the ARTstor Digital Library (login required), browse by collection, and click on “Cook’s Voyages to the South Seas (Natural History Museum, London)” or you can search using keywords.