Collaboration Tools Workshops for Science Graduate Students

Do you need to work with classmates or colleagues on projects or research?

This workshop series will introduce and get you started using three great online collaboration tools: Google Docs, EndNote Web and Delicious.  All are freely available, web-based and easy to use.

Google Docs is a free, web-based alternative for composing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The files created using Google Docs can be accessed via the Internet or stored on your computer in a variety of standard formats. Your documents can also be shared with other Google Docs users who can edit them online. All collaborators can make changes to the documents as well as track who made what changes and when.

EndNote Web is the free, web-based version of EndNote that is freely available to current UHM students. Just like the EndNote program, you can import citations from electronic databases and create bibliographies, but with EndNote Web, your library is stored on the web and accessible by your collaborators.

Delicious is a Web 2.0 tool that allows you to bookmark, tag and store links to web pages online. The bookmarks are stored to your online account which you can access from any computer. You can also set your account preferences to allow your bookmarks to be seen by your colleagues and other Delicious users. Tags are searchable as well, so you can easily find links to web pages, images, books and articles using your own search terms.

Each hands-on session will accomplish the following:

  • Set participants up with a free account
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the respective online interface
  • Get participants started using the essential functions of each system
  • Adjust account settings to allow for collaboration

Workshops are open to science graduate students only. They are free, BUT registration is REQUIRED. Sign up for any or all of them at
Allie Jordan
Emerging Technologies & Instructional Services Librarian
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hamilton Library
Science & Technology Department
808  956-2544

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