GIS Day – 4 November 2009

Manoa MAGIS of the UH-Manoa Library is pleased to announce that we will be celebrating GIS (Geographic Information System) day for the first time ever on November 4, 2009. Under the auspices of the Library Forum we will host two speakers on GIS related topics.

Where: Room 301 of the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus.

When: 9.30 am and 11. am, refreshments at 9 am.

Details as as follows:

First Speaker, 9.30 am
Title: Role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Social Sciences—some applications.
Speaker: Shriram Bhutada, GIS Specialist, Extension Faculty, Center on the Family, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

There has been growing interest in application of GIS in social sciences recently. The intent of this presentation is to provide an introduction to the role of GIS in social sciences. GIS can play various roles in social science research such as geovisualization, spatiotemporal analysis, information integration and geographically weighted regression. Some examples of GIS projects will also be discussed. Additionally, the audience will be introduced to geocoding and custom geocoding programming along with a list of available GIS and non-GIS data sources.

Second Speaker, 11 am.
Title: Global Positioning System – GPS 101
Speaker: Karyn Nolan, President, Pacific GPS.

This presentation will give an overview of basic GPS principles including sources of error, GPS settings, accuracy requirements and differential correction (real time and post processed). We will focus on Trimble Mapping and GIS hardware and software and also discuss Geographical Information Systems (GIS) integration.

Refreshments are being sponsored by the American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing.

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