Library Resources Impacted by Budget Cuts

Message from Kris Anderson, UH Manoa Library Collection Development Officer:


I’m writing to update the faculty, staff and students of UH Manoa about the effects of the mandated budget restrictions to the University Libraries.

The 4% cut plus the most recent cut of 6% mean a total reduction of $1.7 million to the Library’s working budget. To address the reduction, the Libraries have cut student employment hours, cut casual hire staff, reduced hours of service, and restricted or eliminated entirely other internal expenditures. The reduction has also affected the purchase of library resources such as books, journals, audiovisual materials and databases.

The rest of this message is to inform you what changes have been made to the available resources. Some of these measures will be felt immediately, while others will not take effect until 2010. We have:

  • Ceased getting automatic shipments of books from our major vendor.
  • Distributed minimum amounts of money for new book purchases.
  • Cancelled some expensive, low use databases.
  • Cancelled a number of journals from the publisher Wiley/Blackwell. We will also lose access to some Wiley titles previously available through a consortial arrangement, because Wiley has changed access rules and increased the pricing for the consortium.
  • Cancelled journals, microfilm and newspapers from other publishers.

The full list of cancelled titles, which will take effect in 2010, may be viewed at:
The list of additional titles to which we will lose access in January 2010 will be available soon.

Everyone at UH Manoa Library understands that these reductions and cancellations will have significant adverse effects on the UH Manoa community. Unfortunately the size of the budget reductions leaves us with few choices. We will try to cushion the impact of these losses through subsidized interlibrary loan, however, we predict that our interlibrary loan allocation may not be able to cover all anticipated requests.
Questions regarding the impact of the loss in funds may be directed to Kris Anderson (

-Kris Anderson, Collection Development Officer
September 3, 2009

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