Oshibana and Orchid Workshops

The Library is offering two workshops to complement the current exhibit, ‘Okika o Hawai’i: Pressed for Time.

The first workshop is a 2-part workshop entitled, “Beginning Oshibana Workshop: the Art of Flower Pressing.” There will be 2 meetings on Sunday, June 14 & 21 from 1:00-4:00pm in Hamilton Library 301. The workshop will introduce plant pressing techniques, including selection and proper handling of different plant species, methods of plant drying, composition, and arrangement. Class sessions include demonstrations, discussion, and critiques. No previous experience required. Class is limited to 15 participants. The instructor, Edwin Cheung, graduated from Hong Kong Art Academy and is an Oshibana student of Master Nobujiro Yamaguchi. Ed is a member of the Hawai‘i Kai Orchid Society & he received the American Orchid Society Oshibana Outstanding Display award in 2008. The workshop fee, payable to instructor, is $125 which includes supplies & framing materials. Please call to reserve your spot!

The second workshop, “Orchids & Tea: a workshop for beginners!,” will be led by Mel Waki of the Honolulu Orchid Society on Sunday, June 21 at 3:00 followed by tea in the Orchid exhibit. Space is limited to 25 so please call for reservation. Participants may bring an orchid plant (limit one plant per person) for repotting or bring a plant that is not doing well for diagnosis and discussion. Potting materials will be provided!

For more information on the Library or to reserve a place in either workshop, contact Teri Skillman at 956-8688 or email <skillman@hawaii.edu>.


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