Not totally science, but….

…these two exhibits are really great!

The UH Mānoa Library presents two exhibits, Tau Rima Tahiti and ‘Ite ‘Upa’upa, by curator and ethnomusicology candidate Scott Bartlett, in the Hamilton Library Bridge and Phase II Galleries from March 2 to April 28, 2009.

Tau Rima Tahiti: Crafting Performance showcases the craft artists and the material artifacts of ‘ori Tahiti.  Examples of locally made costumes and instruments show how artists preserve Tahitian traditions through craftsmanship, innovation, creative use of resources, and the transmission of knowledge. Builders and makers construct these objects for the stage production, but their craftsmanship is a performance in and of itself. The materials of Tau Rima Tahiti celebrate these craftspeople and their central role in preserving Tahitian culture.

‘Ite ‘Upa’upa features the resources on Tahiti and performance practices that are held in the Pacific Collection of Hamilton Library.  Developed collaboratively with Librarian Stuart Dawrs, the exhibit highlights photos and books on Tahitian dance and culture.

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