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FSTA Direct Now Available

17 December 2008

Our access to FSTA Direct is now set up and this database can be accessed from outside the library via the link in the Electronic Resources Gateway –

Please note, when you get to the FSTA home page, click on the button that reads “Search FSTA Direct” in the right column. You do not have to log in to FSTA Direct with a username and password if you use the Electronic Resources Gateway Link.


Food Science & Technology Abstracts problem….

15 December 2008

We are in the process of moving our access to Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) from Ovid to FSTA Direct. We will be saving money on our subscription AND, in my opinion, will have a more user-friendly interface. However, we have run into a small snag…. Our Ovid access was cut off today without any grace period and our remote FSTA access can’t be set up until tomorrow. You can access FSTA from within the library by going to – you have to click on the “Search FSTA Direct” button in the right column to go to the search page.

Hopefully this problem will be resolved tomorrow…. Apologies for the inconvenience…

ANNOUNCING: “Evolution of Pacific Island Biota”

3 December 2008

“Evolution of Pacific Island Biota” is a three-day, stand-alone meeting to be held on Kauai, Hawaii in January or May 2010.  It is designed to bring together a diverse international group of experts and students to examine the biogeography and evolution of terrestrial, near-shore, and freshwater biota from across the tree-of-life, including humans, which are distributed across the Pacific Islands.

There will be a variety of ways to participate in the meeting, including field trips, public lectures, invited presentations, poster and discussion sessions. The meeting will be organized around several theme questions, and will focus on both empirical studies and methods for analyzing biogeographical data.

• What phylogeographic patterns are found in the Pacific Islands?
• Do Pacific Islands act as sources for dispersal to other areas?
• Do fossil data change our interpretation of evolution and biogeography of the Pacific Islands?
• What are the evolutionary patterns of community assembly?
• Do Pacific biogeographic patterns track the geologic or human history of the area?
• How do data from biogeography and evolution inform conservation efforts?

Robert C. Fleischer, Center for Conservation & Evolutionary Genetics, National Zoological Park
Vicki Funk, Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History
Helen F. James, Department of Vertebrate Zoology, National Museum of Natural History
Warren L. Wagner, Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History

To be added to the participant list and receive more information please send an email to the Scientific Program Coordinator, Danica Harbaugh at by January 9, 2009 with the following information:

1) Name: _______________________________
2) Institution: ____________________________
3) Email:________________________________
4) I am interested in attending the meeting: ___yes   ___no
5) I am interested in giving a:  __poster      __oral presentation     __public lecture
6) A brief description of my research/area of interest is____________________________________________________________________
7) An idea for a symposium theme question is:___________________________________________________________________
8 ) I prefer to attend the meeting in  ___Jan 2010      ___May 2010
9) I will be a student in Spring 2010: ___yes   ___no