Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy – Open Access for 2008-2009

From AIP –

The American Institute of Physics is pleased to announce its newest journal: the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (JRSE). To complement this online-only journal, AIP has developed a website with components that go beyond the standard journal webpage.

JRSE is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal covering all areas of renewable and sustainable energy-related fields that apply to the physical science and engineering communities. As an electronic-only, Web-based journal with rapid publication time, JRSE is responsive to the many new developments expected in this field. The interdisciplinary approach of the publication ensures that the editors draw from researchers worldwide in a diverse range of fields. Topics covered include:
•    Bioenergy – bioreactions and bioengineering
•    Geothermal energy – geysers, heat pumps, and novel devices
•    Marine and hydroelectric energy – waves, tides, and dams
•    Nuclear energy – fission and fusion
•    Solar energy – photovoltaics and solar thermal converters
•    Wind energy – turbines and electrical systems and controls
•    Energy conversion – solid oxide and proton exchange membrane fuel cells and novel devices
•    Energy efficient buildings – photovoltaics, solar thermal converters, and passive solar approaches
•    Energy storage – hydrogen and batteries
•    Power distribution – conventional and superconducting transmission, fluctuating loads, and controls
•    Renewable energy resource assessment
•    Transportation – hydrogen, batteries, fuel cells, bioenergy, and vehicles

Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (JRSE) will be Open Access for 2008-2009. []

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