Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

Did you know that UH Manoa faculty, staff, and students have electronic access to Cold Spring Harbor (CSH) Protocols through the UH Manoa Library subscription? The CSH Protocols database currently contains over 500 protocols. According to their FAQ, “Protocols on CSH Protocols come from a variety of sources, including Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Manuals and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Courses. New protocols are actively being solicited by the editorial staff of CSH Protocols, and we encourage all scientists to submit their protocols to the site… The protocols cover a wide range of fields within molecular and cell biology, from bioinformatics and computational biology to basic microscopy and electrophoresis… All published protocols are peer-reviewed by experts to ensure technical quality. In addition, many of the protocols are ‘field-tested’ in CSHL courses—and fine-tuned based on these results.” You can access these valuable tools through Hawaii Voyager, or through the Electronic Resources Gateway.

2 Responses to “Cold Spring Harbor Protocols”

  1. David Crotty Says:

    Just a note–we now have over 1200 protocols available through the journal, the 500 figure was from our launch.

  2. Eileen Says:

    Thanks for the update, David…. I couldn’t easily find a current number on the Web site.

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