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New JSTOR Interface Preview

27 February 2008

Announcement from JSTOR:

Preview of New JSTOR Platform Now Available

We are happy to let you know that work on a new JSTOR platform is nearing completion. The

The new platform will replace the current JSTOR site. We currently anticipate a launch in mid-March. In preparation, we invite you to explore a preview of the new site. Through this preview you can become acquainted with the new JSTOR interface, sample the functionality, and let us know what you think.

The preview can be accessed by going to the JSTOR sandbox at In the sandbox you will also find information about new features and tips for sending us your comments.

A primary goal of the new platform is to enhance the user experience and to better address and support the research objectives of JSTOR users. Development has been informed by user feedback, interviews, focus groups, usability studies, and beta testing with students, researchers, librarians, and publishers. As we prepare for the launch, we will continue to monitor closely the messages and feedback we receive from you.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support. If you have any questions at all, please contact


Acta Horticulturae E-Access!

26 February 2008

We recently obtained electronic access to ALL of the Acta Horticulturae volumes. (Hooray!) ISHS just decided to include this service with our normal print subscription so we hope this will continue in the future. You can access and search all of the volumes via the record in the E-resources Gateway:

We are also going to create a “master” record in Voyager with the link. Until we find out whether or not ISHS will be continuing to provide electronic access at no additional cost, we will not be adding the electronic access link to all 700+ individual titles in Voyager.

E Komo Mai!

26 February 2008

For years I have been distributing important library news and announcements to you by email via the department library contacts for Botany, HNFAS, PEPS, MBBE, NREM, and TPSS. For the most part, this has worked well, but sometimes messages have gotten lost or delayed. In addition, there are lots more things I would like to share with you all, but I don’t want to be clogging everyone’s email inboxes with my messages. So, I am starting this blog in order to have a way to share this less important (but probably more interesting) library information with those of you who want it. I will be sharing news on changing library resources, relevant Web sites, library activities, and other (possibly idiosyncratic) interesting bits of information. I will continue to distribute very important and/or official library announcements via your department contacts, but you will also be able to check this blog or sign up for an RSS feed of this blog to find out about other things that I think you might want to know about. To be the blog started, I will be reprising a few of the recent announcements that you may not have seen.